Our company and its staff bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that our projects are thoughtfully planned, staffed, engineered, and executed in accordance with client requirements and the deliverables that we produce. Our successful track record is largely a result of our commitment to fostering long-term relationships and building hands-on project teams to support each client's unique business needs. Our experience has proven that this practice improves interaction and communication, and maintains a continuity of processes, systems and standards.


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ENTECH provides a wide variety of services from conceptual
design and feasibility studies through the detailed design and full
project execution tailored to meet both the project and our customers’ requirements.

Feasibility Studies
Site Selection and Due Diligence
Master and Conceptual Design
Envioronmental Site Assessment
Environmental Impact Statement
Solid Waste Managment
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plans
Environmental Audits
Sanitary Sewer Evaluation
Infiltration and Inflow Analysis
GIS Services
Sewer Mapping
Sewer Evaluation Survey
Flow Monitoring Services
CSO Control Plans & Monitoring
Field Data Collection & Management
SSO Elimination Plans
Project Coordination
Quality Control and Assurance
Constructability Review
Value Engineerng
COnstructuion Observation
Contract Management


ENTECH Design, Engineering Technologies and Project Management P.S.C. is an engineering firm founded in 2006 by a multid is ciplinary staff with 50+ combined experience. We provide consulting, planning, engineering and architectural design, environmental and project management services to both public and private clients.

ENTECH is active in multiple market sectors, including commercial, industrial, infrastructure, environmental and residential. We have the capability to see a project through it sentireli fecycle from planning to construction. Animportantaspect of our success is that wemaintain a relationship with our clients long after their projects have been completed, evidenced by our high percentage of repeat business. Ourteam has the talent and experience to provide innovative solutions to difficult challenges while being capable of overcoming and excelling in allaspects of theplanning, design and construction phases.We invite youto explore ourwork and learnwhat ENTECH has tooffer.

Our Mission

At ENTECH we are committed to develop practical strategies aimed at delivering projects on schedule,within budget and with the highest level of qualityto accomplish customer’sgoals.


To expand our design, engineering technologies and project management services for the benefit of all Americas territories.


Pedro R. Quirós Pierce, P.E., M.E.
Over 14 years of experience in theplanning and design of infrastructure, industrial and residential projects including water and wastewater infrastructure,roadways and industrial facilities. Participated in thepreparation of environmental impact statements and permit applications for major infrastructure, industrial and residentialprojects.
Roberto López Esquerra, P.E., M.E
Over 15 years of experience in thedesign and construction of civil, highways, water and wastewater projects as well as commercial and industrial facilities projects. Extensive experience in project management, costestimating and scheduling as well as general and environmental permitting compliance. Proactive, quality-driven professional with firstrate skills directing large-scale construction projects.
Javier A. Quirós Pierce, P.E., M.E.
Overthirteen (14) years of progressive experience in the planning, analysis and design of structural engineering projects. Designed and managed a widevariety of structural engineering projects such as commercial and industrial facilities, residential condominiums and transportation projects.
Kevin M. Crespo, P.E.
Project Manager / Safety Trainer
Overfourteen (15) years of experiences anitarysewe revaluation and rehabilitation projects acrossnorth central, south central and southeastUnitedStates and in the Puerto Rico areas. Havingoccupied positions fromcrew leader toproject manager has givenhimthe opportunity toacquirehandson experience as well as managerialskills and knowledge. Vastexperience in the use of multiplebrands of FlowMonitoringequipment, troubleshooting, data analysis and interpretation, flowlevelalarmingequipment, Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) studies, sewersystemsinvestigations and conditionassessments, includinginvestigationmethodssuch as CCTV, smoketesting and dyetesting.Overfive (5) years of experienceinstructingcrews in safety regulations and proceduressuch as the use and maintenance of personal protectiveequipment, HazardousCommunications and ConfinedSpaceEntry.
Edgardo J. Berrios Rojas, P.E.
Over 6 years of experience in theinspection of comprehensiveremodeling and new building construction for both public and private sector projects. Extensiveknowledgeonsupervision of dailyconstructionactivities in thefield and toperformallkinds of projectmanagementtasks. Efficient, organizedprofessionalcommittedtodeliverhighqualityservices and surpassclientexpectations
DianysArocho Salgado, E.I.T.
Overseven (7) years of experience in variousfields of civil engineer. RelevantexperiencemanagingPRASA’s GIS database and other GIS analysisforsanitarysewerevaluation and rehabilitationprojects. Preliminarydesign of highways and technicalenvironmentalstudies. Experiencecoordinating and supervisingseveralconstructionprojects in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Excellent GIS managingskills in additiontoothertechnicalcomputerprograms. Performedsteadyhydraulicmodelingto determine floodlevels and limitsalongcreeks and rivers. Assisted in thedesign and construction of severalsustainableengineeringprojects, includinggreenroofs and energyconsumptionanalysisfortransportationinfrastructure.
Amy L. Pérez Poueymirou, AIT
Over 8 years of progressiveexperience in thedevelopment and design of architecturalprojectsincludingeducational, industrial, recreational, commercial, institutional and residentialfacilities.
Sara Caro Otero, P.E.
Over 10 years of experience in theinspection and management of constructionprojects. Experienceinspecting Puerto Rico Aqueducts&SewerAuthority (PRASA) projects. Participated in infrastructureprojectsincludingwater and wastewaterinfrastructure, and residentialprojects. Collaboratingwithprojectsrelatedtothe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Puerto Rico Department ofHousing and theGovernor’sAuthorizedRepresentative (GAR).
Samuel Maldonado Sosías
Over 15 years of experience in projectmanagement and design of civil engineeringresidential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.
Janira Soto
David Vazques
Luis Santiago
Mr. Colondres has over 6 years of infiltration/inflow, watersystemmonitoring, and sewer system evaluation experience. As Field Technician, he is responsible for day-to-day field operations. Mr.Colondres has experience in flow monitoring, capacity analysis, and I/I reduction projects. His duties include site locations of flow meters, installation and servicing of flowmeters, manhole inspections, night flowisolations, smoketesting, dyetesting, and GPS. In addition, Mr. Colondresper for msmanhole inspections and sewer line smoke testing associated with sanitary sewe revaluation surveys. Additionally, he performs equipment inspections and calibrations, regulates confined space work, and monitor scompliance to health and safety policies.


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